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Coimbatore Roadside Kaalan Recipe/ Coimbatore Roadside Mushroom Recipe/ Coimbatore Road side Chilli Mushroom Recipe

This is a very famous roadside snack in Coimbatore. I was asking my dad to get hold of a street vendor and mail the recipe to me ;). A person promised to share and asked to come to the shop, but he didn't share the recipe, when he went to the shop. During this India visit ( after losing the hope of getting the recipe), another roadside vendor shared the recipe. We just dropped to get the "kaalan", but my  DH asked him to share the recipe with me, telling him that we miss the dish so very badly  in US;). So nice of  that person, he just gave me the important ingredients he uses for the stock. He kept on rolling his eyes over the other customers ;),   while I was torturing, asking for the ingredients. He asked me to make the stock with the ingredients that I normally use to make for biriyani and in that he specifically mentioned about nutmeg powder and lots of ginger garlic paste.

First time when I tried this recipe, I included all the basic ingredients that I add in Biriyani along with the NUTMEG ;). I thought it will no where taste like the roadside mushrooms. But, my DH who almost finished two plates ;) . told me that it tasted even better than the one we get from the roadside stalls. We are really grateful to the vendor who shared this recipe with us :). And, I guess this recipe is not posted anywhere in the internet ;) as I have searched a lot for it ;). So, I feel so happy posting it here :)

I was receiving constant e-mails from a reader named Sathiya, asking for this recipe. Sathiya, here is the Kaalan Recipe. ENJOY :)
Coimbatore Roadside Kaalan Recipe/ Coimbatore Roadside Mushroom Recipe/ Coimbatore Road side Chilli Mushroom Recipe

For the stock
1 medium size onion finely chopped
1 to 1 /2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
To be finely powdered
1 bay leaf
1 tbsp coriander seeds
a small piece from mace
1/4 portion of 1 star anise
1 tsp black pepper
a small piece of cinammon
1 cardamom
1 clove
1/4 tsp jeera
1/4 tsp saunf
1/2 tsp nutmeg powder

To Deep fry
16 oz button mushroom cut into small pieces
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup cornflour
a big pinch of red or orange food color
1 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 large egg (optional)
some salt
For the final kaalan/ mushroom mix
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp garam masala powder or south indian meat masala powder or south indian biriyani masala powder.
1 medium sized onion, extra finely chopped ( for the garnish and for the mushroom mix)
finely chopped coriander leaves ( for the garnish and for the mushroom mix)
2 green chillies extra finely chopped
Salt ( as needed)
For the stock
Add the oil in a pan. Once it is hot, add the onion and saute until translucent. Add the ginger garlic paste saute until the raw smell goes. Add about 3 to 4 cups of water and  3 to 4 teaspoons ( or as needed) of the spice mix and some salt.Bring it a boil. Allow it to cool. This is the base for this recipe and this stock can be refrigerated for a week.
For deep frying
1. Wipe off the mushroom with a clean cloth or paper towel. Do not soak them in water. Cut into small pieces.Make a batter with the ingredients (AP flour,cornflour, gg paste, salt, egg/water, food color) other than mushroom.Marinate the mushroom with the given ingredients. Egg is optional, if not using egg, just mix the ingredients with little water.Even if using egg , if u feel that the batter needs water, add a very little amount of water to the mixture. This mushroom batter can be immediately dropped into oil.
2. Heat a pan with oil. Once it is hot, add tablespoon amount of mushroom batter into the oil and fry until crispy.
3. Remove and drain over a paper towel to remove the excess oil.
For the final kaalan/ mushroom mix
In a wide pan, add a teaspoon of oil, once it is hot, add the fried mushroom and saute until the oil is absorbed at medium high heat. Add the stock about 1/4 cup and increase the flame to HIGH. and saute until the stock is absorbed by the mushroom. Now add the stock as needed in 1/4 cups. I add about 3/4 to 1 cup stock to the measurement given.This dish should not be dry, let a very little sauce remain in the mushrooms. Just a minute before removing the mushrooms, add the chilli powder and garam masala powder and the remaining salt needed. Add the extra finely chopped onion, extra finely chopped green chillies,some finely chopped coriander leaves and stir well with the mushroom ( The onion we add finally will give a crunchiness along with mushroom, so do not cook longer after adding the onion). Serve it very hot, garnishing with onion and coriander on top.


  • When it is bought from the roadside shops, the mushoom is added for name sake and most of the content in it is AP flour + cornflour. Do not worry about the measurement given above for deep frying if it doesnt yield a crispy mushroom when deep fried. It is the same ingredients used for mushroom 65, but I have increased the AP flour and cornflour, as needed by this recipe.
  • Salt is added in various stages in this recipe. So, be careful while adding to the mushroom while deep frying and also while adding it in the stock. If it is less, it is not a problem, as it can be added as needed in the final stage.
  • This dish should be served very spicy and hot. Else, the taste of the dish cannot be felt ;). So, generously add the red chilli powder and green chillies.
  • A pinch of ajinomotto can be added to the mushroom marination, which I never add.
  • I have tried the recipe using cauliflower also. Just boil the cauliflower floret for a minute or two, before  adding it to the AP flour + cornflour mixture.

Please let me know your feedback after trying this recipe 

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