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Mysorepak - Soft Mysorepak recipe

After trying so many other recipes, I found this recipe in Srividhya's blog. Since then, I have prepared it so many times. It just melts in the mouth and that is the recipe I was looking for :). My DH loves this mysorepak and he is going to turn an year older tomorrow. So, I prepared these for the special man, for the special ocassion :)
                                         PROSPEROUS DIWALI !!!

1 cup Chickpea flour/Besan/ kadalai maavu
1 3/4 to 2 cups Ghee
1 cup Oil(Peanut/Canola)
2 cups sugar
1.Sieve the besan to avoid lumps.Keep a plate greased with a teaspoon of ghee.Keep the ingredients- ghee,oil and besan closer to the stove.
2.In a heavy bottomed nonstick vessel, combine the sugar and water just enough to melt the sugar. Bring it to one string consistency.
3.When it reaches the one string consistency, add the sifted chickpea flour little by little on low flame until everything is combined in sugar. There might be small lumps which will go away once the oil is combined.
4.Now add the oil, increase the flame to low medium and continue to stir. Add the rest of the ghee gradually( I add in two portions). Stir constantly until the ghee and oil combines and the mixture becomes thick. Maintain low medium flame throughout this stage. Take a small drop of mixture, place it on a plate and try to make a ball.If the shape holds, then that is the consistency needed. Move the mixture to the greased plate. Once it is almost cooled down, score into desired shape.
5.Transfer from the plate once it is completely cooled down. Better not refrigerate. Tastes good at room temperature.

  • I have doubled the recipe in the pictures. That is why two plates. I would suggest to place a wax/ parchment paper and grease the ghee over them for easy removal.
  • I have used only 1 3/4 cup of ghee to the recipe, each and everytime I make it. It comes out just fine and always the melt in taste.
  • Be careful at the finsihing stages. Do not allow the mixture to overcook. When the mixture combines very well and thick , just keep checking the consistency by placing a drop of mixture in the plate. Remove as soon as it is able to make a shape :).
  • When the sugar syrup is placed between the thumb and index finger, it should form a single line. That is one string consistency
  • Do not worry about the raw besan  or the oil taste.Even I was very hesistant for the firsttime. But, they cook well and you cannot feel any :).


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