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Besan Milk Burfi -Easy to make Indian Sweet Recipes

Every year,I get over excited when Diwali comes closer.I never had any attraction towards the fireworks. It is just the loads of sweets , savories and the new clothes that makes my diwali colorful :). This year, as usual promised my DH that I will not prepare any sweets/savories. But as the posts are coming, you could see that I couldn't help it ;) .

2 1/4 cups gram flour
1 1/4 cup powdered milk mawa (can be found in the dairy products aisle in desi groceries across USA)
1 1/4 cup sugar
water (just enough to dissolve the sugar)
1 cup ghee

1.Keep a plate greased with 1/4 tsp ghee.Add the ghee to a heavy bottomed nonstick pan and once it is hot,add the besan little by little to the ghee. Stir constantly until the raw smell fades away.
2.Parallel to that, add the water and sugar,bring it to one thread consistency.
3.When the raw smell in the besan fades away, add the powdered mawa and stir until well combined. Now add the sugar syrup to this besan-mawa mixture at low heat.The syrup is hot, so add little by little, as u continue to stir the besan mixture.
4.Increase the flame to low- medium.It takes just about two to three minutes to reach the consistency needed from there on. Take a small piece of the mixture and put it on a plate and try to make a small ball. If the shape holds, transfer the mixture to the greased plate.Half way through the cooling process, using the knife make desired shape. Remove one by one after it hardens completely.Store it in airtight container.

  • One String Consistency When the syrup is touched and stretched in between the index finger and thumb, a single line should be formed. That is one string consistency
  • Not sure if milk powder can be substituted for milk mawa powder that is used in this recipe. but guess, it shud also work out( Try at your own risk ;) )
  • This is a very addictive and tasty fudge which can be done very easily. Care should be just in the sugar syrup consistency.
  • I haven't tried it with the concentrated mawa. The one I have used here will be available in powdered form.

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