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7 Cup Sweet / 7 Cup Burfi / 7 cup Cake - Indian Sweet recipe

This is a very easy to make Indian Fudge, when compared to other Indian sweets. The 7 cup sweet comes from the total number of cups of ingredients used in the recipe.

Before preparing any sweet or savory, I promise myself that I am not going to have even a bite ;) but I would be the one who finishes off everything within the next day, leaving nothing for the others ;) as of today I have swallowed 4 big pieces of this burfi (which is a great achievement as I made these burfis two days ago,and yeahhhh they survived for 2 days in the pantry ;) ).This is a melt in mouth fudge that everyone would love :)Give it a try :)

7 cup Sweet / 7 cup Burfi / 7 Cup Cake

Makes 20 big size pieces
1 Cup Chickpea Flour/ Besan/ Kadalai Maavu
1 Cup Milk (skimmed/whole fat)
3 cups Granulated Sugar
1 cup Ghee( melted completely)
1 cup Shredded coconut(fresh/frozen)

1.Stir all the ingredients together and add to a heavy bottomed wide nonstick pan.
2.Stir continuously at low medium flame until the mixture becomes thick and leaves the sides.
3.As you stir you could see the bubbles forming on the top at one point of time.Reduce to low flame. Take a small amount of mixture and make a ball.The mixture should retain the shape- It means the burfi is ready to be transferred from the pan, else continue stirring, but don't allow it burn.Keep on checking ;) from the point the bubbles are shown (What's wrong?, all you need is a perfect and not burnt burfi ;) ). Grease a plate with 1 tsp ghee and pour the mixture into the plate.
4.Allow the mixture to cool. And when is almost cool,but not hard, cut into desired shapes with a knife.
5.Once it is fully cooled down, remove the side pieces first, leaving room for the other pieces to come easily. Store it in the airtight container. The bottom side looks shiny ;) and that is what you see in the picture.


  • The secret for the smooth texture is from the heat that is maintained in the stove and also the vessel we use. So make sure it is a nonstick heavy bottomed vessel and flame is maintained at low-medium heat. For recipes like this, I always prefer the smallest burner in the stove where the heat emitted will be low, when compared to the wider burners. And, in the small burner I maintain at low- medium heat and at the finishing stages, I reduce it to low.

 If you have any doubts in the recipe, please contact me via email or post a comment here :)
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