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Sweet Kozhukattai / Sweet Modak recipe

Every year just before Vinayakar chathurthi I give a call to my mom asking for the recipe ;).This has happened all these years and never have I noted down the exact measurement.This year, I got the recipe two days before the chathurthi ;).Thanks to my blogging sincerity :).

Wish you all a very Happy Vinayakar Chathurthi!!!

Sweet Kozhukattai / Sweet Modak Recipe
For the outer cover
1 cup Rice flour
2 cups water
1/4 tsp or more salt
1 tbsp coconut oil/gingelly oil
1.Heat a non-stick pan with water.Add the coconut oil to it.Once it comes to a boil , add the rice flour at low flame,making sure it doesn't have any lumps,adding the flour in one hand,and stirring it continuously with the other hand will avoid the lumps.
2.Stir continuously until a dough is formed and moves to the center.

For the filling
1 cup jaggery
2 cups shredded coconut
1/8 tsp ground cardamom
1 tbsp crushed sesame seed
1. In a pan, add the crushed jaggery or brown sugar(I used light brown sugar),and just enough water to dissolve the jaggery. Add the cardamom to it..
2. Bring it a boil until it thickens. No need to check for the string consistency. It should be thick.
3. Add the shredded coconut to it and stir continously until it forms a lump.
4. Finally add the crushed sesame seeds to it.(Adding the sesame seeds gives a very good flavor to the filling)

To make the Kozhukattai
1. Grease both the palm and fingers with coconut oil. Place a ziplock bag over a plate or any hard surface.
2. Pinch a small size(or any size you wish) of dough and make a ball.Place it over the ziplock bag.
3. Flatten it,making the edges thick (This will help to work on the dough easily and to make proper shape of kozhukattai). Place a small ball of filling inside. Now, seal all the sides and now the thick sharpen edge will be on the top.
4. Place the kozhukattai on the plate lined with ziplock bag. Rotate the dough as you give shape to sides, by moving the additional dough to the top.Now, the top will be thicker.Pinch out the extra dough on the top and continue doing the same until the desired thickness and shape is achieved in the sides and top. Do not over work and make the filling come outside.
5. Place the kozhukattais in the idli plate or any steamer( I used bamboo steamer) for 5 to 8 minutes at medium flame and steam until cooked.

  • While working on the dough make sure its covered to avoid drying of the flour.

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