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Andhra Avakkai Pickle / Andhra Raw Mango Pickle

Its so nice to have so many Indians around,that too from from different parts of India living closer, far away from the homeland.This recipe comes from a friend who is from Andhra.I called her up one day and asked  if she has the recipe for avakkai pickle, as I had few avakkais in the refrigerator.She said she doesnt know,but  will bring her mom to my house(who has come from India on a vacation) and help me make the pickle.So nice of them both,they came the next day and her Mom elaborated the process and helped me make this pickle.

8 cups of cut mango
1 cup salt
1 cup redchilli powder.(The one used was not dark enough)
1 cup mustard powder
1/8 cup toasted ground methi
Garlic(peeled and cut into big pieces) as per taste.
Gingelly Oil(to soak the cut mango mixtures head)
For the tadka
Few spoons of gingelly oil
mustard seeds(as needed)
Powdered asafoetida

1.Cut the mangoes into medium size pieces.
2.Add in salt,red chilli powder,mustard powder,methi,and garlic.
3.Add the oil.The entire mixture should e soaked in oil.So you need more oil.
4.Make the tadka and pour it into the mixture.
4.Stir with a spatula nicely and transfer it to a dry,closed glass container.
5.Keep it undisturbed for 4 to 5 days.
6.Then give a good stir with the dry spatula.The pickle is ready.Keep it away from wet hand,it will be safe for months.

I never thought that the pickle making would be so easy.The pickle was so yumm with Thayir sadham ;).Click for Thayir Sadham recipe

The measurement cups used here are not any standard cups.Use any cup for measuring but use the same  cup for measuring all the ingredients including the mango.

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